The Spanking Stories – #4: Red, or The Temp Tempted

She saw with relief that he was still too far away to have noticed any of what had just happened. She quickly smoothed down her dress, feeling very vulnerable without her panties. When the floor manager arrived Jack said, “Mind if I cash out first? I have an appointment I need to get to.” The meaning of his tiny smile was not lost on Lin. After a quick glance at Lin to be sure she was alright with that, the floor manager quickly finished with Jack and let him out the back door.Then he did the same for Lin before locking the door behind her. With her knapsack in hand Lin hurried down the stairs and out to the sidewalk.She looked all around but there was no sign of him.She wondered if by “outside” he had meant outside the door on their floor.She thought she would have seen him or that he would have said something, but decided to go back and check. As she climbed the stairs she realized that her body was humming with tension like a drawn bow.She told herself she didn’t care about the damn panties anymore, even if they were her favorite pair.But she was going to show him that she wasn’t afraid of him. Not really… As Lin climbed the stairs her mind was filled with images and sensations from what had just happened: the feeling of sexual power she’d felt when she was teasing Jack; the shock when he’d suddenly ducked beneath her dress; the rough texture of his face against her belly; the rubbery feeling in her legs as he’d stroked her with his hands and tongue; the mocking smile on his face as he held up her panties and taunted her. She was deeply confused.She was sure she had brought the situation on herself by teasing him as she had, there was no doubt about that. What she wasn’t at all sure about was how she felt about it. Once again she saw him holding up her panties and forcing her to say out loud that they were wet and that they were hers… …And found herself having to stop on the stairs and close her eyes for a moment.Just to catch my breath, she told herself. After a moment she managed to shake the image from her mind and continue upwards.But the images and feelings kept creeping back into her awareness. Which is why she didn’t hear the footsteps behind her. She had just reached the landing between the second and third floors when she suddenly felt a hand between her shoulder blades.And before she could react she was pushed face first into the wall and held there. Then her dress was jerked up. Gasping, she dropped her knapsack and put out her hands to stop it.But instead her arms got tangled in the fabric as her dress was lifted over her head…but not completely off, just up to her shoulders so that her head and arms were trapped as if inside a large cloth bag.She tried to struggle free but now the hem of the dress was being held closed above her head. The fabric was thin enough to let some light through but she was effectively blind.What was worse though, to her mind, was the fact that since she wore no bra and Jack had taken her panties she was now completely naked and exposed from the shoulders down. Jack!It had to be Jack. Well, this time she was going to scream, and keep screaming until someone came.She opened her mouth and sucked in her breath… …Only to have it knocked completely out of her by a hard, stinging slap on her behind. God, it hurt!And before she could take a breath her behind was slapped again, so hard that she fell against the wall, her breasts and stomach scraping against the cinder-blocks. There was no air-conditioning in the stairwell and Lin was already suffocating inside the prison of her dress, the heat and pain and her fear combining to make the sweat roll down her face.Her glasses had long since fallen off and were somewhere below her chin. There was another slap to her behind and she grunted with the pain of it and then began to whimper. She was no longer trying to scream for help: the pain was terrible, but for Lin the humiliation was even worse.The thought of someone—she pictured the floor manager—discovering her being spanked with her dress up over her head was more than she could bear. Another slap, so hard that she found herself standing on her toes for a moment, her breath hissing through her teeth. Then suddenly she felt the palm of a hand running over her behind—smoothly, sensuously, first one cheek then the other—the touch cool against her burning skin. And then through the fabric of her dress, right next to her ear: his voice.Jack’s voice. “Red is definitely a good color for you.Too bad you can’t see it.” It took her moment to realize what he meant.Then the picture flashed into her mind: Jack standing next to her, holding her dress closed over her head, as if she were a prize fish he’d caught in his net—while she stood there helpless, her red, naked behind on display. She imagined she could see his handprints there, white against the red…and shivered, though she didn’t know why. Somehow she found the courage to speak.“Let me go.Please.” There was no reply at first; just his hand again, this time starting at the back of her neck and descending along her spine in a long, slow caress.He ended by cupping and squeezing each cheek in turn…and then probed between them for a moment with a fingertip, making her gasp out loud. Then his voice again, his mouth so close that Lin could feel the fabric of her dress being pressed against her ear by his breath. “Repeat after me,” was all he said. And then he began slapping her behind again, now in a rhythm that emphasized the words he spoke: “It’s NOT (Slap!) NICE (Slap!) to BE(Slap!) a LITTLE (Slap!) COCK-tease! (Slap!)” Oh God, the pain!She was simultaneously weeping, moaning and performing a little pain-dance, twitching on the balls of her feet. Her behind was on fire!Oh, why didn’t he stop? She remembered why… but just a little too late.He began again. “It’s NOT (Slap!) NICE (Slap!) to BE(Slap!) a LITTLE (Slap!) COCK-tease! (Slap!)” There was a slight pause, then: “IS it? (Slap!)” The last slap was so vicious that it echoed through the stairwell and Lin had to put her hands over her mouth to muffle her scream. Oh God, the fire was spreading, climbing up her spine and… ohhhhhh… down between her legs! “No!” she managed to cry out.“No, it’s not nice!”The words were muffled by her dress and by her sobbing but she got them out. There was an expectant pause.Lin knew Jack was standing there with his hand raised, ready to slap her again, and quickly stuttered out,“It’s n-not… nice to… to be a l-little…A little…” Her voice failed her.She simply could not bring herself to say such a horrible, nasty phrase, a term that a well-brought up Japanese girl should even know…especially since she would be saying it about herself. “SAY it!” he roared, and slapped her behind again… and then again.“Say it, or I’ll tie a knot in this dress and put you out on the sidewalk!” He had found her weak point. She suddenly saw herself out on the sidewalk, staggering around blindly in the late afternoon sunlight, strangers staring and pointing at her nakedness… “Cuh… c-c-cuh… c-cock… t-tease,” she whimpered. She wanted to sink into the floor. She also, she realized to her horror, desperately wanted Jack to touch her again, the way he had before. His voice, again at her ear, but this time strangely gentle: “Again.What are you?” Inside her dress she used her hands to wipe the tears and sweat and smeared make-up off her face, then replied, her lips trembling, “I’m a… li-little…” Oh God, her throat was so dry!“I’m a li-little…” She suddenly buried her face in her hands and sobbed, “Cock-tease!I’m… I’m a little cock-tease!” And to her shock she suddenly found the heat in her loins beginning to build into a raging fire.Unable to stop herself she raised her head and began to speak, getting louder as she went on.“I’m a… little… cock-tease!I’m a little cock-tease!A dirty, nasty, f-f-filthy… COCK-TEASE!Ohhhh… GOD!” At that moment the heat inside her suddenly became liquid and seemed to burst out of every pore, and she found herself melting… deliciously.She slumped against the wall, her knees sagging.She would have slid entirely out of her dress and fallen to the floor had Jack not circled her waist with his arm and held her up. Ohhh… she had never felt anything like it in her life!It was as if everything that had happened—the pain and heat, the humiliation and fear, and her eventual surrender to all of it—had somehow combined to give her such an incredible sensation of pleasure that she had nearly fainted. Slowly, almost reluctantly, she returned to her senses and forced herself to stand upright, though she swayed for a moment as she did so.Jack’s arm was still around her waist and she enjoyed the feeling of his strength as he held her to him. She had no idea what had just happened… but she was sure Jack did. “Turn around.”His voice was again gentle. Lin did as she was told, turning slowly in place with little shuffling steps.She expected to feel ashamed again at having to display herself to him… but found that she did not. She wanted Jack to look at her. More than that, she wanted to see him looking at her. She got the first part of her wish immediately. Jack let her stand there, still trapped inside her dress, for a long moment, and though he said nothing Lin could feel his gaze on her, and she wished her body was more voluptuous and pleasing. Then… ohhhh… his hand, flat against her belly, moving slowly downward… turning slightly to comb through the nest of curly hair… probing gently between her legs… Oh!She was shocked to discover how much moisture was there…she felt it coating his fingers as they slid along her lips…Mmmm… it felt wonderful. And then his hand was gone. And suddenly her dress fell away from around her head and settled into place, her glasses falling to the floor with a clatter.Even the dim light of the stairwell blinded her for a moment and she blinked several times before focusing on Jack… …Who was standing in front of her with his hand raised, the fingers glistening with her moisture.And before she could speak he reached forward and touched them to her lips, gently, as if transferring a kiss.And somehow even though Lin was now covered by her dress this simple act felt more intimate than anything else that had happened. She hesitated… then, scarcely knowing why, she kissed his fingertips where they were touching her mouth. And suddenly she knew what he wanted her to do next.Looking into his eyes, she reached up and took his hand in hers, opened her mouth and began to lick his fingers clean, taking them into her mouth one at a time until she was done. As did so she was thrilled to see him close his eyes for a moment and let a small groan of pleasure escape his lips. In that instant a tiny sense of the power she had felt earlier that day began to return to her.Still holding onto his hand, she leaned forward, looked directly into his eyes and said, softly but distinctly, “I’m sorry for being such a little… cock… tease.” She was delighted to see that knowing look return to his face—though it also made her shiver again slightly.She had no idea how he would react… …But she certainly had not expected that he would disengage his hand from hers and run his fingers through her sweat-soaked hair, adding his other hand to gently straighten out the wild disarray into which it had fallen.Or that he would cup the sides of her face and delicately massage her temples with his thumbs. But it felt wonderful, and she leaned into it and would have purred if she’d known how.She looked up into his eyes, allowing herself to simply rest in their blue depths. So when he said quietly, “Would you like your panties back now?” she was slightly taken aback.Yes, getting her panties back was the reason she had come up here in the first place, but now… Getting her panties back would mean that it—whatever this was—would be over.Finished.They would go their separate ways… and then tomorrow?Would he expect her to pretend it had all never happened?Would he even be there? She backed away from his hands and looked down.She could think of no reason to postpone the inevitable… or even why she should want to, really. She raised her eyes to his, about to assent… and then she noticed that look again, that slightly mocking expression that told her he knew everything she was thinking. And for some reason this gave her hope, though she had no idea why–or even for what. So she met his expression with a bold look of her own and, remembering the way he had made her speak in the store, said very clearly, “Yes. I want my panties.” His smile widened into a grin—and Lin knew she had been right. “Well,” he said, holding her gaze, “You know where they are.” She had forgotten.Inadvertently her gaze dropped to the front of his jeans, taking in the bulge there, then just as quickly jumped back up to his face. Oh my.Did he really think she was going to… Well, yes, obviously he did. No.This time he was wrong, she thought.Kissing and licking his fingers had been wanton, but everything else that had happened had been out of her control, she told herself.She was a good girl.There was no way she was going to put her hand down inside his pants. Except for one thing, she suddenly realized. She really, really wanted to. But just long enough to retrieve her panties, she told herself, that’s all. She stepped closer to Jack, met his smile with a somewhat forced one of her own, then slowly placed her hand against his stomach just as he had done to her. His shirt was damp with sweat and vaguely sticky to the touch.And when Lin turned her hand downward and attempted to slide it beneath the waistband of his jeans, she found they were so tight that she could only get as far as the knuckles at the base of her fingers. She heard Jack give a grunt of amusement before taking a deep breath and sucking in his stomach.Her hand slipped inside so suddenly she found herself cupping his erection through his underwear. They both gasped and Lin quickly moved her hand to one side before continuing to probe downwards. Her fingers found the edge of a soft clump of fabric that she assumed were her panties.But she quickly realized that they were inside his underwear. Which Jack had known all along, of course. Fine, she thought. She hooked two fingers of her free hand into the waistband of his pants, stretched it out as far she could, then removed her other hand and immediately plunged it beneath the waistband of his underwear—being careful this time to keep to one side. She only wanted her panties, after all. Nevertheless the side of her hand brushed against him there, and then her fingertips encountered a snarl of wiry hairs and then something warm and smooth which she thought for an instant was the fabric of her panties but quickly realized was not and she recoiled slightly.But she understood that her panties would have to be somewhere below so she forced her hand even further, so far down that her arm was now more than half-way up to the elbow inside his pants. There they were: her fingers touched satin, all crumpled up in the crotch of his underwear.She snagged her panties with her fingertips and pulled upwards… …Only to be stopped when Jack seized her arm with one hand and then placed his other hand over hers through his pants. Thank goodness, thought Lin—though she had no idea why.And her capacity for thinking about it—or about anything, for that matter—was severely diminished when she felt her hand, and the satin fabric it was holding, pressed firmly against his erection… and then wrapped around it… and then slowly moved up and down… as he continued to stare directly into her eyes. Oh God, he’s making me stroke his… his cock with my panties! Lin thought she might swoon with excitement; the sheer boldness of what she was doing, coupled with incredibly sensual feel of warm satin sliding over the blunt form of his erection filling her hand, was making her dizzy. She should not be allowing this to happen, she told herself firmly.She should remove her hand and her panties right this second.She should put her panties back on, straighten her clothing and leave.She should… She suddenly leaned forward and kissed him. Her mouth opened under his, and she moaned as she felt his tongue begin to explore her mouth.She felt his hands loosen their grip on her arm and rise to grip her shoulders.She was free to remove her hand… …But she continued to stroke him, reveling in her complete surrender to the erotic spell they were now weaving together. Jack was making small ‘Mmm’ noises of pleasure as their tongues continued to intertwine, and Lin suddenly noticed that she was, too.She found herself wishing that she knew better how to please him.Even without his hands on her arm she was finding it very difficult to stroke him smoothly, hampered as she was by his jeans.But the only way to improve the situation would be to… No.She had gone too far already, she couldn’t possibly… She did. She broke off their kiss and stepped back, simultaneously pulling her panties free of his pants like a magician pulling a handkerchief out of a hat. Not daring to look at him she sank to her knees and quickly unfastened and unzipped his pants.She resolutely refused to think about what she was doing as she lowered his pants and then his underwear to his knees… But suddenly there it was: his cock, bobbing in front of her face.Ohhh…So strangely shaped, so oddly beautiful. She risked a glance up at Jack’s face and then quickly lowered her gaze again.She unfolded her panties and held them up in the palms of her hands for a moment, like an offering, before wrapping them gently around his shaft. She began stroking him again, slowly, delicately, as if polishing an extremely fragile ivory sculpture. The satin was such a pleasure to her hand.She slipped her free hand between his legs and cupped him there, using the heel of her palm to apply gentle pressure in rhythm with the upward and downward movement of her strokes. She stole a glance upward and saw that he was standing with his mouth hanging open and his eyes closed, his expression suffused with pleasure.His hips were rocking gently in synchronization with her strokes. Lin found herself becoming aroused again by his arousal.Plus there was something she found incredibly sexy about the fact that she was stroking him with her panties; the way the purplish head of his cock appeared and disappeared in her panties excited her. She wanted to kiss him again and feel his tongue in her mouth, but she didn’t want to break the spell of her rhythm.So she did the next best thing:she leaned forward and, without missing a stroke, kissed the very tip of his cock. Oh God, she couldn’t believe she was behaving this way!Kneeling in front of this man she hardly knew, stroking him and now kissing him there like a little… Slut. The word appeared in her mind like a red neon sign being switched on and for an instant Lin became the person she had been yesterday: the obedient, virginal daughter of conservative parents.She looked at herself through those eyes, and was shocked at how far she had fallen in such a short time. If her parents ever found out, Lin knew, they would disown her. Again she considered stopping.Then she shrugged inwardly. To hell with it, she thought.This has nothing to do with them.This is for me. Then she leaned forward and kissed Jack’s cock again as she continued to stoke him with her panties. But this time, remembering the feel of his tongue, she allowed her lips to open and little by little she took as much of him into her mouth as she could. Jack groaned out loud—and Lin knew without looking that it was a groan of pleasure.She continued to hold him with her mouth and allowed her tongue to taste… then lick… and then swirl playfully around the head… and was delighted when Jack groaned again and, placing his hands on her head, began stroking her hair. The word ‘slut’ still glowed in her mind… and Lin found herself wanting to say it out loud, the way she had said ‘cock-tease’.That would be so exciting… But I can’t, she thought, beginning to bob her head up and down in rhythm with her strokes, because my mouth is full of cock. Ohhhh!Once again there was a rush of heat and moisture between her legs. My mouth is full of cock.My mouth is full of cock.My mouth is full of cock… Suddenly all of the rhythms—her thoughts, her mouth, her hands, even his groans—fell together and Lin found herself completely in their power.She was on board a runaway train, and it was moving faster… faster… She heard a second voice beginning to moan and it took her a moment to realize that it was hers.Oh God, she was going to… going to… Her entire body convulsed for a moment—and then once again that sweet, overwhelming sensation of melting from the inside out… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Suddenly she felt Jack’s hands gripping her head and his hips beginning to jerk convulsively.Thinking that perhaps she was hurting him with speed and pressure of her strokes Lin stopped everything and raised her head to look at him… Only to see his eyes snap open and stare down at her, and hear him gasp, “Jesus, no!Oh God, don’t stop!For chrissakes… please!” Quickly Lin resumed stroking him with her hands…but before she could take him back into her mouth Jack gave a strangled cry and to Lin’s astonishment something white and pungent began spurting from the tip of his cock.It rained down over her hands and panties and again for a moment Lin thought she had hurt him somehow. But then she looked up and saw the blissful expression on his face and she realized that he was feeling something similar to the exquisite pleasure she had just experienced for the second time; even now she was still quivering like a tuning fork. She continued to stroke him and hurriedly reapplied her mouth to the head of his cock, holding it gently with her lips as she licked him clean, savoring the salt-sour taste as she coaxed a few last spurts from him with her tongue. When she felt Jack begin to subside Lin sat back and gently removed her panties from around his cock.There were small wet stains all over them.They were ruined, probably, but Lin didn’t care. In fact, she planned to wear them home just like that.She had a sudden picture of herself riding the subway, dressed in the conservative office clothes she’d brought along but underneath it all wearing those red satin panties, still wet with his juices. Mmmmm. Suddenly she remembered Jack and glanced up at him, And saw him looking down at her with a tenderness in his eyes that she had never seen before. She stood, slowly. She held out her panties with both hands, showing him the stains he had put there. She smiled and said, “Red is a good color for you.” Then she put her arms around his neck and kissed him.

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